Transfer of Shares

Ownership of the Company rests with the shareholders of the Company and not with the Directors of the Company. There may be instances where a change would require in ownership or Shareholding Pattern.

Transfer of ownership of a company can therefore be accomplished by transferring shares of the company from one person or entity to another. shares are presumed to be capable of transfer, even in a private company, unless the company has restricted the right to transfer them by a provision in its articles.

Shares are transferred by executing Share Transfer deed.

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Stepwise process of Share Transfer in a Private Limited Company

  • Execution of Share Transfer Deed.
  • Stamping of the Share Transfer deed as per the applicable stamp act
  • Have a Witness
  • Attach the Share certificate with the Transfer Deed
  • Send it to the company and if found good the company will process the Transfer procedure
  • Issue of New Share certificate