Secretarial Updation/Compliances

Every company is required to observe some secretarial compliances and updation of some secretarial documents

Company is required to conduct minimum number of Board meetings so as to smoothen the functioning of company, Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is mandatorily to be held every year, Statutory Registers to be maintained by the Company to maintain compliance, Minutes of the Meetings to be maintained, etc

There are various deadlines for compliance. In case, of non compliance or even a missed deadline there can be penalties, additional fees or a compounding of offence, etc

What Will be included in the said package

  1. Personal Consultation
  2. Preparation of Declarations and Disclosure to be obtained from the Directors.
  3. Preparation of Notices of the Meetings of the Board, Shareholders, committees etc
  4. Drafting of Resolutions passed by the Companies and Minutes thereof
  5. Preparation of Attendance sheet
  6. Maintenance of Statutory Registers of the Company (Registers of Members, Register of Directors, etc)
  7. Shareholder Compliance

Step wise process to Update the Secretarial Records

Gathering requisite information/ documents

  • ¬†Updation and maintenance of Secretarial Records on Annual basis.
  • Conducting Board Meetings and drafting of Board Resolution and Minutes thereof as required under the Companies Act, 2013
  • ¬†Maintaining the statutory registers as prescribed under the companies Act, 2013