Public Company.

Public company means a company which is not a private company. A public company may be said to be an association consisting of not less than 7 members, which is registered under the Act.

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What are the minimum requirements for getting registered a Public Limited Company?

Minimum 7 Shareholders and 3 Directors (Director and Shareholders can be same).

Directors must hold DIN and DSC.

One Place of Registered Office (Residential Address may also be used as Registered office).

KYC documents of the Directors and Shareholders.

How does the process work?

Once you have decided to appoint us to incorporate a Public Limited Company, we will mail you the documents checklist and our executive will guide you for arranging the required documents.

Documents can be send in the form of hard copies or soft copies through our mobile app/website.

Once we receive the required documents we will verify the documents and proceed for the Incorporating your company

What will be included in the said package ?

  • Personal Consultation.
  • DSC and DIN for the Directors.
  • DSC of each shareholder if shareholder are not more than 7.
  • Name search and application for reservation of name.
  • Preparation of MOA and AOA of the company.
  • Applying for the incorporation with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and PAN / TAN with the concerned authorities.
  • Obtaining Certificate of Incorporation and PAN/TAN number.


What is minimum capital required for public limited company?

A public limited company required a minimum capital of Rs. 5 Lakhs

Why to go for Public Limited Company?

  • It is legally authorized to trade on stock exchanges.
  • Easy Funding by investors or through IPO of company.
  • There is no limit to the maximum number of shareholders in a public limited company.
  • Shareholders of a public limited company are entitled to transfer their shares
  • freely without needing consent of someone.
  • Best for long term vision of business.
  • A great transparency in company is available.

Can an NRI/Foreign National be a director in Public Limited Company?

Yes, a Foreign National or an NRI can be a Director of a Private Limited Company in India after obtaining Director Identification Number.