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How we work:

1.) Once the client comes onboard he will be given a dedicated space on our portal.
2.) A monthly ticket will be generated for the client for provision of service.
3.) The provision of service will be done against the ticket. The client will have to upload the required documents on the space allotted to him
4.) He will be given a dedicated CA for the same for providing the service and resolving the queries.
5.) Once the month is completed data entry will be completed and the service provision will be completed as per the package opted by the client.

Frequently Asked questions

After the space has been allocated you need to upload the following documents on the portal.
(i) Sales Invoices
(ii) Purchase invoices
(iii) Expense invoice/Bills including fixed assets purchased if any(For eg: Plant and Machinery, Office equipment, Furniture etc.)
(iv) Utility bills- such as telephone bills, Electricity bills and other monthly regular utility bills.
(v) Salary sheets to be updated.
(vi) Details of investments made if any- For eg: if any Fixed deposits made then we will require Fixed deposit receipts and interest certificates provided by the bank.

No need to worry. Our team after completing the accounting part for the month will analyze the accounting transactions and will guide for the TDS compliances to be done, so sit back and relax.

In case any bill is missed to be uploaded you can upload the bill in the particular month and communicate to the easy tax team by letting them know the details of the particular late bills/invoices uploaded.

Once the accounting is done the data will be allocated to the particular department for calculation of taxes and/or MIS reporting. From there the particular team leader will communicate the required details.

Once 31st March is over in the forthcoming month a target date (45 days) will be set for uploading all the bills/invoices. Once the date is crossed/passed we will complete the accounting entries and close the books. After the books are closed the data will be transferred to the required department and preparation of financial statements will begin and the draft will be shared with the client. Once the approval is received from the client we will freeze the financial statements and the service will be completed.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business enquiry online.

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